Bradley Partners Whitt Steineker and Jay Wright Quoted in Law360 on Firm's New Cannabis Industry Team


Media Mention

Bradley attorneys Whitt Steineker and Jay Wright were quoted in Law360 on the firm’s new Cannabis Industry team. Bradley recently became the largest law firm to form a team dedicated to handling legal issues related to the evolving cannabis industry.

Steineker said that Bradley formed the new team in recognition of the fact that there is “a large and growing constellation of legal issues that are implicated by the way cannabis is currently treated under state and federal laws.”

"We realized it was something that would probably operate better as a group that people knew about as opposed to just a couple of guys at the firm who happen to be knowledgeable about cannabis,” Steineker said.

“The challenges involved in the legal cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis also extend to a broad cross-section of businesses that provide services to or otherwise interact with cannabis companies,” Wright added.

Steineker said he was attracted to the cannabis sector because it is one of the only "truly new" areas of law. He said he is excited to handle issues related to the expanding industries surrounding CBD and hemp.

"We work with a number of hemp and CBD growers and processors, and we also help people figure out, 'Am I allowed to bank it?’ Commercial landlords call up and ask, 'Can I have this tenant who makes CBD?’” Steineker explained. "A lot of people are trying to figure it out, but there's no doubt that it's exploding now."

The complete article, “Bradley Arant Launches Cannabis Practice Group” first appeared in Law360 on July 19, 2019.