Bradley Partner Daniel Fortune Quoted in Legaltech News on 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions

Legaltech News

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Bradley attorney Daniel Fortune was quoted in Legaltech News on his predictions for cybersecurity in 2020. Cybersecurity is continually shifting as hackers attempt to stay one step ahead of those protecting information, and a new year is expected to bring new threats.

“Managed service providers (MSPs) will be targeted more frequently. All MSPs have contracts with their various companies and, in 2020, companies will give more consideration to the obligations of their MSPs, including increased negotiations of the contractual obligations and cyber insurance. Companies will make the datanappers successfully hack at least two completely separate networks and make sure MSPs are implementing reasonable cybersecurity measures before considering paying the ransom.”

The complete article, “Legal Tech’s Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2020,” first appeared in Legaltech News on January 3, 2020.