Director of eDiscovery and Paralegal Services Shandra Wright Featured in Lighthouse Global’s International Women’s Day Campaign

Lighthouse Global

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Shandra Wright, director of eDiscovery and paralegal services at Bradley, was featured in a Q&A with Lighthouse Global for its International Women’s Day campaign. The campaign features female leaders within the eDiscovery industry who actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women’s achievements.

Lighthouse Global: What does a gender-equal world mean to you?

Wright: A gender-equal world is one in which all people, regardless of their sex, have the same opportunities and receive equal compensation.

How do you personally challenge stereotypes and/or fight biases around females in the workplace?

I definitely lead by example. As a leader in my organization, I also have a responsibility to identify and correct when stereotypes or biases surface. I find one-on-one conversations with a person who has articulated the stereotype or bias is effective. Some people don't even realize that they have biases. It is important to me that I am known for cultivating a fair work environment for everyone.

How do you celebrate other women’s achievements?

Women need more professional mentors. I seek mentors out myself and I have served as a mentor for many other women in my career. I celebrate the achievements of the women I have mentored with a personal note or even a quick text. I have close professional female counterparts at other organizations. We are intentional about staying connected. Congregations with these ladies at industry events often turn into think tanks of sorts and we are always celebrating someone's latest accomplishment. Women have to hold up and support other women.

What recommendations do you have for others looking to ensure a gender equal workplace?

If you are in the job market, look at the leadership of the organization. That will speak volumes about their efforts to ensure a gender equal workplace. Ask about their commitments to gender equality and any corporate programs they have in place to support those efforts. If you are in a company that lacks in this area, take the initiative to raise it and spearhead a proposal to help them elevate their efforts.

The original blog post, Featured Females of International Women’s Day 2020, was published on March 2, 2020.