Bradley Partner Mary Clay Morgan Quoted in MBJ about the New Rights for LGBTQ Workers

Mississippi Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Mary Clay W. Morgan was quoted in the Mississippi Business Journal on the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding sexual orientation being protected against workplace and hiring discrimination under Title VII.

“I have been recommending to my clients that they act under the assumption that sexual orientation and gender identity would eventually be recognized as protected classes under Title VII,” said Morgan.

She saw a strong likelihood LGBTQ workers would eventually gain the same rights as their heterosexual co-workers. Getting equal employment opportunity and harassment policies up to date has been a main focus, she said.

Informing and training supervisors on the new workplace protections have also been an emphasis, Morgan said, adding it is equally important for employers to update their employee training materials to ensure that any equal employment opportunity and harassment training makes clear to all employees that LGBTQ employees are protected.

It’s further important that employers understand the ruling protects all employees from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, Morgan noted. “It doesn’t matter whether the orientation is gay or straight.”

“Refusal to hire someone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is now prohibited under Title VII,” Morgan concluded.

The complete article, "New Rights for LGBTQ Workers on Collision Course with Religious Freedom Claims?,"appeared in the Mississippi Business Journal on July 7, 2020.