Bradley Director of Inclusion and Diversity George Medlock Featured in Bham Now on Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Roles at Large Companies

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Bradley partner and Director of Inclusion and Diversity, George Medlock, was featured in Bham Now on why diversity and inclusion roles are vital in large companies today and how his position is making a difference at Bradley.

“I think it speaks volumes that an organization is willing to invest resources to focus on the diversity of its workforce. Law firms, in particular, have historically had a low number of diverse lawyers," said Medlock. "Where there is no assignment of responsibility, the focus on inclusion and diversity can be easily lost. Any law firm, in fact, any business, must be willing to make serious efforts to address inclusion and diversity.”

“My role in the recruiting process includes my membership on the firm’s recruitment committee, where I have a voice in the schools at which we recruit, the evaluation of candidates, and interaction with the summer associates," he explained. "Additionally, I serve as a resource to the firm’s affinity groups which include the Lawyers of Color, LGBTQ+ affinity group, and the Winn Initiative women’s group.”

“As for advancement, I also serve as a member of the firm’s associates committee, where I have a voice in the reviews of the associates.  I also have regular meetings with the firm’s managing partner, the board, the Inclusion and Diversity Committee as well as with practice group leaders to evaluate engagement and inclusion for all attorneys at the firm. Lastly, I also regularly work with our clients and organizations in furtherance of these efforts," Medlock added. 

“By investing in this role, Bradley is demonstrating its commitment to growth in the area of inclusion and diversity, not just to the local business community, but also to all of our attorneys and to our current and potential clients," he said.

The original article, "How Diversity and Inclusion Roles are Shaping the Birmingham Business Community," appeared in Bham Now on July 1, 2020.