Bradley Partner Chad Elder Quoted in AP News on 'Hot Documents' Used in Big Tech Antitrust Hearings

AP News

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Bradley attorney Chad Elder was quoted in AP News on Congress exposing "hot documents" provided by Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple in the July congressional antitrust hearings. The documents were sprinkled with language from company executives like “digital land grab,” “big video brains” and “kicking butt,” and were marked “highly confidential,” which grabbed attention. The documents by themselves don't guarantee successful legal action by regulators, but they can be very useful.

“It sounds inflammatory but if you really think about it, it’s kind of what you want competitors to be thinking,” said Elder.

Still, he said, such documents can help competitors that are suing a dominant company, and “can make the difference sometimes in whether you get to a jury.”

The original article, "Inside Big Tech: Pulling back the curtain with ‘hot’ email," appeared in AP News on August 5, 2020.