Bradley Partner Sawyer Neely Interviewed by CBS DFW on North Texas School District Seeking Signed Health Pledges from Parents


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Sawyer Neely was interviewed by CBS DFW about a North Texas school district that is asking parents to sign a list of pledges regarding the COVID-19 pandemic before students return to campus this fall. The form asks parents to pledge they will do their part to keep the community in good health as guardians of their child; avoid administering any medication to their child before sending them to school for face-to-face learning to mask the illness or decrease a fever; and educate their child on the importance of taking responsibility for their actions every day by demonstrating personal integrity, respecting others’ space, and wearing a mask according to the current local/state and NISD requirements.

“You can certainly do all these things. And you probably should do all these things in order to keep your school and community safe. But I see some potential pitfalls if a parent were to sign this document,” said Neely.

Neely questioned if the pledge would be legally binding, and explained there could be scenarios where the virus spreads in a school and the promise becomes a problem.

“Then somehow you end up in a potential liability situation, where you’ve signed a promise or, at least, an awareness that you shouldn’t send your child to school when they’ve got COVID,” Neely said.

The full interview, "North Texas School District Asking Parents To Sign Pledge Before Students Return To Campus," appeared on CBS DFW on September 2, 2020.