Bradley Partner Gene Besen Quoted in NBC 5 Responds on $50 COVID-19 Tests Costing Insurance Companies Thousands

NBC 5 Responds

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Bradley attorney Gene Besen was quoted in NBC 5 Responds on how $50 COVID-19 tests in North Texas are costing insurance companies more than $10,000. Some are linking this to a loophole in the CARES Act, which states that insurance companies must waive cost-sharing payments for COVID-19 testing, and many private insurers that are waiving payments for related treatment.

“Is it designed to get them in the door so they can then go drive a bunch of extra stuff on top of it? Probably,” said Besen.

He also points out insurance companies are often the first line of defense.

“If this were one or two patients and that was it, maybe that goes unnoticed and just gets paid and so be it. if there's a pattern here, I would be pretty confident the insurance companies will detect it,” said Besen.

Even so, Bensen said sometimes it takes patients who may not owe anything out-of-pocket asking questions because eventually everyone could end up paying.

The original article, "How Does a $50 COVID-19 Test Cost Insurance More Than $10,000?" appeared in NBC 5 Responds on October 9, 2020.

Watch the news clip recording below.