Bradley Partner Mark Torian Quoted in The Texas Lawbook on Texas AG Scandal

The Texas Lawbook

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Mark Torian was quoted in The Texas Lawbook on the scandal surrounding Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Seven high ranking officials in Paxton’s office publicly claimed that Paxton misused his political position and possibly violated state and federal criminal laws, including prohibitions related to improper influence, abuse of office, bribery and other potential offenses. Paxton’s office retaliated with a statement that he is actually investigating his accusers.

Torian said the fact that Paxton’s defense accusing his own team leaders who he appointed of criminal activity is astonishing.

“Ken Paxton’s response is that he hit the nuclear button,” Torian said. “This is an extraordinary event when the Texas Attorney General turns on his own staff who turned on him.”

“The letter from the seven and Ken Paxton’s response forces the Texas governor and the state legislature to respond very quickly – before the election,” Torian said. “This cannot go unaddressed through the election.”

The original article, "Legal Experts: Texas AG Paxton 'Hit the Nuclear Button' Against His Own Senior Staff," appeared in The Texas Lawbook on October 4, 2020.