Bradley Partner Whitt Steineker Quoted in Marijuana Business Daily on Landmark Alabama Medical Cannabis Legislation

Marijuana Business Daily

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Bradley attorney Whitt Steineker was quoted in Marijuana Business Daily on Alabama's landmark medical cannabis legislation bill. Alabama took a major step toward becoming the 39th state in the nation to legalize a medical cannabis market after the House passed an amended bill on Thursday, May 6. The state Senate approved the bill in February after a short debate and will receive the amended bill for final consideration.

“Today’s vote in the House of Representatives was a hugely consequential step forward for this legislation,” said Steineker.

He noted that most observers had predicted that the legislation’s toughest challenge would be in the House.

“This is not a perfect piece of legislation, but it is a clear policy choice by the Alabama legislature that there is a valid role for cannabis in the treatment of certain medical conditions,” Steineker added.

He said he would expect the law to be refined in subsequent legislative sessions “as citizens, patients, regulators, and lawmakers begin to see what works, what doesn’t.”

The original article, "Alabama Lawmakers Pass Landmark Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill," appeared in Marijuana Business Daily on May 6, 2021.