Stephanie Gaston Interviewed on Fox 26 Houston About Vaccine Mandates

FOX 26 Houston

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Bradley attorney Stephanie Gaston was interviewed by Fox 26 Houston about vaccine mandates after the Pfizer vaccine gained full FDA approval.

“Employers can implement mandatory vaccine programs,” Gaston said. “Some employers were already doing so under current EEOC guidance that has said it is permissible, and we can expect that with the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, more and more companies are going to follow suit.

Asked about potential vaccine and mask mandates in schools, Gaston replied, “I don’t think we’ll see schools require the students to become vaccinated. I do think we’ll see school districts require teachers and staff members to become vaccinated, and we’re already seeing that happening across the country.”

Gaston doesn’t think a federal vaccine mandate is in the near future.

“I think what we’ll see immediately is employers, universities, private companies, roll out these mandates in the beginning,” she said. “I don’t think we’ll see our government or our court system require this of all citizens immediately. I think we’ll see this with business first, and that may be sufficient to address those who are not vaccinated.”

The original interview aired on Fox 26 Houston on August 24, 2021.