Elisha Kobre Quoted in Yahoo Finance Article on Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Yahoo Finance

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Bradley partner Elisha Kobre was quoted in a Yahoo Finance article discussing the fraud trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the diagnostics company Theranos.

Holmes made the risky move of testifying in her own defense in the trial's final days. While that testimony could influence the jury's decision, experts say the closing arguments will also carry significant weight.

“Witnesses don’t come in a logical order and often they come in bits and pieces that need to be put together,” said Kobre. “So the jury doesn't really get the full picture until the lawyers make their closing arguments.”

One significant part of Holmes' defense could get blocked from closings and deliberations: The government said it would request that the judge strike Holmes' testimony claiming sexual assault at Stanford University and alleging Balwani controlled and abused her, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

“The lawyers can only rely on the evidence that's been admitted,” stated Kobre, “and if the judge excludes the evidence, the lawyers won't be able to say it.”

The original article, “Elizabeth Holmes closing arguments this week: What to expect,” appeared on Yahoo Finance on December 15, 2021.