Elisha Kobre Quoted in Yahoo Finance Article on Jury Deliberations in Elizabeth Holmes Trial

Yahoo Finance Article

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Bradley partner Elisha Kobre was quoted in a Yahoo Finance article discussing jury deliberations in the Elizabeth Holmes’ trial.

The sixth day of jury deliberations Holmes’ trial ended without a verdict, and a docket entry confirmed a sealed 23-minute proceeding took place.

Kobre explained that absent extraordinary circumstances, substantive case issues would generally be dealt with in open court. For that reason, he added, it’s unlikely that the proceeding concerned such matters.

“While we cannot know for sure, it may be that one or more of the jurors will need to take a break at some point from deliberations to deal with a personal matter,” Kobre said, noting that a medical issue, for example, could warrant a close session. “It may also be that one of the jurors is feeling ill or even have symptoms of COVID, though that is less likely given that deliberations have apparently continued today.”

The original article, “Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial: Jury deliberations to continue in 2022, sealed proceeding remains a mystery,” appeared in Yahoo Money on December 29, 2021.