Andy Robison Featured in Birmingham Business Journal on Leading Bradley's Birmingham Office

Birmingham Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley’s newest Birmingham office managing partner, Andy Robison, talked with the Birmingham Business Journal about his goals for the firm going forward. Robison is focused on community involvement and good corporate citizenship for the future of Bradley’s presence in Birmingham.

Robison said, “One of the things that we want to continue to do is to be very present, very visible in the city, providing leadership, not just in the legal community, but also civic organizations, charitable organizations.” He also aims to improve the firm where necessary and ensure Bradley remains a corporate citizen that uplifts and assists the community. Robison said he believes the best efforts to help the city are collaborative. Part of Bradley’s role, and other local companies’ roles, is to take actions that promote a healthy local business ecosystem, he said

Robison talked about the growth of Birmingham and its surroundings to highlight the Magic City’s potential for professionals. “It’s a competition for companies, it’s a competition for labor, it’s a competition for intellectual property, getting people to stay in Alabama, or return to Alabama after they go to school,” he said. “And so, one of the things I think we can do, and it’s not just us, it’s I think everybody who’s got a vested interest in Birmingham, is help to continue to promote, whatever way we can, the idea that Birmingham can be one of those cities where you can come, you can have a great life.”

He also discussed his hope for helping the Black Small Business and Nonprofit Community Clinic, a joint project of Bradley and Legal Services Alabama, to continue to grow. “That’s a great example of something where we can use some of the things that we do every day and help grow areas of the business world that may not have had that access to those resources before,” Robison explained.

The original article, “Andy Robison unveils plans for leading Bradley’s Birmingham office,” appeared in the Birmingham Business Journal on November 10, 2022. (login required)