Ben Dachepalli Quoted in Law360 on New Role as Tampa Bay's Economic Development Council General Counsel


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Ben Dachepalli was selected as the next general counsel for Tampa Bay’s Economic Development Council (EDC) last week, and he spoke with Law360 regarding the appointment and his future with the EDC.

"My interest [in the EDC] really stemmed from the fact that this agency is really just trying to help grow Tampa and help grow the economy in Tampa by serving as a facilitator and conduit to all these programs and initiatives that will only help enhance and attract companies to come here, people to come here and keep our existing people and businesses here," Dachepalli said in the interview. Since joining Bradley earlier this year, Dachepalli has litigated complex construction claims involving contract disputes, defects, and other related matters.

The EDC is an economic development agency that covers Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace. Dachepalli discussed his interest in the EDC’s mission and what drew him to the organization.

"The EDC’s mission was something that really spoke to me. I am a big believer in a 'rising tide floats all boats' [mentality]," Dachepalli said. "When you can serve with an agency whose sole mission is to help grow and expand existing companies in our market and our region, as well as attract the type of talent and companies that you want to see in your region, then all the other service providers, venders, companies that are existing here will no doubt also feel the impact of those companies coming."

 "My perspective growing up has always been as a lawyer, as an advocate, so you look at things from a legal perspective. But one of the things I appreciate about the EDC and its mission, it's helped me also look at things from a business perspective. Understanding the contractors' and the real estate developers' business perspectives from what I've learned through the EDC has, quite frankly, helped me become a better lawyer," Dachepalli told Law360. "There has been a really strong connection and relationship to what I do and the industry I serve in my professional role and also what I do now with the EDC."

The original article, “Bradley Arant Attorney is Tampa Bay Development Group’s General Counsel,” was published in Law360 on November 4, 2022. (login required)