Cortlin Bond Quoted in Federal Times on Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Federal Times

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Cortlin Bond was quoted in a Federal Times article on the upcoming requirement that the federal government will be tasked with providing reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees. Some of these accommodations may include additional bathroom breaks, close parking privileges or teleworking.

Bond says that while teleworking could be considered an accommodation and some workers may have a hybrid schedule, not all jobs can be done at home, and this law is necessary to fill some gaps for pregnant workers who work onsite.

But it’s not one size fits all, Bond notes. “It’s also the case that accommodations should be tailored to each situation because what may be a reasonable accommodation for one employee may not be for another,” she explained.

The full article, “What does Pregnant Workers Fairness Act mean for federal employees?,” was published by Federal Times on April 13, 2023.