Beau Byrd Featured in Auburn University's Harbert Magazine

Harbert Magazine

Media Mention

Bradley partner and Auburn alumni Beau Byrd was featured in the university’s Harbert Magazine for his array of work experience and expertise since his 1989 graduation.

Byrd said the most fulfilling aspect of his career is his real estate practice. He said, “I am a facilitator for buyers, sellers, developers and lenders as they acquire and construct new projects all over the country. A real estate practice is a win-win world. Everyone benefits from these deals.”

After graduating from Auburn University with an accounting degree, Byrd then earned his law degree from Samford University. Byrd said, “I believed that a law degree — paired with an accounting degree — would provide me with the tools to be a strong force in the business law practice. In my real estate practice today, I rely on my educational foundation regularly.”

Byrd has focused his practice on real estate and banking since beginning his career as an attorney. With three decades of learning and experience, Byrd’s advice is this: “Be patient. If you do good work, are reliable and develop good relationships with your clients, you will reap the benefits of it all in the long run. There are not a lot of ‘overnight’ successes in this world. It is very much like the tortoise and the hare. If you are diligent and put in the time, the success will come.”

The full article, “Accounting Degree Helped Build Career Foundation,” was published in Harbert Magazine on June 5, 2023.