Whitt Steineker Quoted on States' Remaining Marijuana Prohibition Standings

Marijuana Venture

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Whitt Steineker was quoted in Marijuana Venture on his thoughts on which U.S. states would maintain their marijuana prohibition the longest. Kansas, Idaho, and Nebraska are the last states without CBD, medical or recreational marijuana use allowances.

Steineker said, “A somewhat dubious distinction in my book, but it certainly appears that way. It depends on how exactly you count (does South Carolina’s low THC/CBD program count, for example), but I think it comes down to South Carolina, Kansas, Idaho and Wyoming. My gut is something gets done in the next 18 months in South Carolina. I’m not betting against ski bums in Wyoming or Idaho. So, Kansas it is.”

The full article, “Loaded Question,” was published in Marijuana Venture on July 10, 2023.