Launch of Bradley’s New AI Team Featured in Law360


Media Mention

Bradley partner A.J. Bahou was interviewed by Law360 about the launch of the firm’s new Artificial Intelligence (AI) team. The cross-disciplinary team provides strategic counsel on the creation, regulation and use of various AI technologies and helps companies deal with the legal and regulatory challenges that come from escalating AI usage in nearly every industry.

Bahou, a partner in Bradley’s Intellectual Property Practice Group and leader of the firm's AI team, told Law360 that the team currently has 55 lawyers, but expects to have more than 75 AI-focused attorneys within the next year to keep up with client demand. Bahou said he's seen an increasing number of clients calling in with questions related to AI, especially about policies related to employees using the rapidly changing technology during the course of their work.

"Our practice focus gradually became necessary to allow the clients to find our attorneys who practice AI rather quickly and allow those internal lawyers who practice AI to share that expertise across a variety of different industries," Bahou explained.

Although Bahou has been practicing in the AI field for many years now, the firm decided a formal practice would help the firm grow its client base and serve companies that are new entrants in AI.
He added that a secondary goal is for the team to be recognized as experts in the AI field as to legal advice, in part by providing content on the firm's web page and blogs.

"We're hoping to communicate and share knowledge in the field so that we can help everybody improve in the implementation of AI and use it appropriately," Bahou said.

The full article, "Bradley Arant Starts AI Team to Keep Up with Client Demand,” was published by Law360 on September 19, 2023. (login required)