Erin Illman Quoted in The Charlotte Observer on AI-Related Lawsuits

The Charlotte Observer

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Erin Illman was quoted in The Charlotte Observer on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways that the legal industry may deal with related issues in the future.

“There is a lot of overlap between privacy, cybersecurity use of data and legal issues that arise with the use of artificial intelligence,” Illman said. “It’s becoming an area in which there’s just a lot of legal issues, everything from intellectual property to privacy to employment.”

“It’s such an area of growth,” Illman explained. “There is still very little legislation or regulatory oversight specific to AI.” With new technology comes new legal regulations and legal procedures.

AI also can speed up the process of drafting complaints but isn’t a substitute for a living, breathing lawyer. Attorneys must review the data and use proprietary products specific for case law, not open-sourced AI like ChatGPT, Illman said.

“I think the future is AI,” Illman added. “You could compare it to the early years in which the Internet was first being used.”

The full article, “7 ways AI is impacting your life across Charlotte. It’s the new future,” was published by The Charlotte Observer on November 20, 2023.