Municipal Bankruptcy: A Guide for Public Finance Attorneys (3rd Edition)

National Association of Bond Lawyers

Authored Article



A good plan in writing is to begin at the beginning.  With that in mind, we want you to know what this Guide is and what it is not.  It is not intended to be either a comprehensive treatise on the United States Bankruptcy Code, a complete compendium of the statutes that exist in all fifty states and comprise the authorization for or the alternatives to federal bankruptcy for municipalities, nor an exhaustive scholarly work on municipal insolvency. 

It is, in a sense, a primer prepared for the bond practitioner in a fashion that we hope is useful and instructive.  Nevertheless, to enhance value to bond lawyers and other attorneys, and contrary to the proverbial "fifty thousand foot view" afforded by many primers, we have provided footnotes and references to additional materials that may be of interest to the reader seeking more information than is provided here. 

The complete article, "Municipal Bankruptcy: A Guide for Public Finance Attorneys (3rd Edition)," was published in August 5, 2015 by the National Association of Bond Lawyers. Rod Kanter is a co-author of this article.