The Industry Impact of Client-Centered Lawyering

Clio's Matters Season 2: Episode 2.5

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About the episode:

This season of Matters expounds on the concepts outlined in Jack Newton’s book, The Client-Centered Law Firm. In this episode, our hosts welcome a legal consultant and blogger, the president of a bar association, and a practicing Big Law attorney to discuss the major impact that a shift towards client-centered lawyering is having across the legal industry. From the effects that client-centric legal practice has already had on this industry to the effects it will have in the years ahead, this discussion looks at some of the reasons why legal practice will never be the same.

Specific talking points featured in this episode include:

  • The short- and long-term significance of client-centered lawyering, at an industry-wide level
  • How client-centered lawyering can unlock “the latent legal market”
  • Why prioritizing client needs is the key for law firms adapting to changing market conditions
  • How adopting a client-centered mindset can help firms address the Access to Justice gap
  • What for-profit law firms can learn about client service from non-profit and Pro Bono legal service providers

Episode Five’s guests include Jordan Furlong, Founder of the Law21 blog; Charlene Theodore, President of the Ontario Bar Association; and Tiffany Graves, Pro Bono Counsel at Bradley. Hear what they have to share with hosts Jack Newton and Nefra MacDonald!

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