Medical Marijuana Front and Center as Mississippi Lawmakers Reconvene for 2022 Legislative Session

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Despite leadership of both chambers of the Mississippi legislature agreeing on the text of a bill for a Mississippi medical marijuana program a few months back, Governor Tate Reeves did not call a special session before the close of 2021, to work towards passage of the legislation. That means the legislature will take up medical marijuana during the regular 2022 legislative session, which begins January 4. Reports over the previous months indicate that the governor and others were opposed to certain aspects of the draft bill that regard how much marijuana a patient can purchase and the THC content of that marijuana. The passage of medical marijuana legislation in Mississippi has been anything but a smooth journey. But, all signs suggest that the majority of Mississippians who voted for the measure in November 2020, will finally see their votes have meaning in early 2022. We will provide updates as meaningful developments transpire.