Mississippi Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Medical Cannabis Act, Sending Act to House

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This morning, the Mississippi Senate, in a 46-5 vote, approved Senate Bill 2095, the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act (the “Act”). The Act, which slightly modifies the draft legislation we previously summarized, heads to the House for consideration next week, likely early- to mid-week. The morning’s session was far from mundane. Senator Blackwell, the Act’s author, opened the discussion quoting Bob Dylan’s, “Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35” before passing around pre-rolled joints and plastic bag samples of hemp, demonstrating what the quantities prescribed by the bill looked like. After rejecting several proposed amendments, including one to allow for outdoor growing and one complete alternate bill that would, among other things, prohibit the sale of cannabis flower and edibles and require that pharmacists dispense the medicine, the Senate overwhelmingly voted to approve the Act. If the House approves the Act with similar numbers, the Act may be veto proof when it lands on Governor Reeves’ desk. Stay tuned.