Letter from the Editors: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been


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Budding Trends

When you start a Cannabis Industry team at a law firm based in the Southeastern United States, you get a sense of what Noah must have felt like when he was telling people it was about to rain.

But it did start to rain. And it hasn’t stopped. The Budding Trends blog is a glimpse into the issues we encounter as cannabis industry attorneys. And we hope that it may be a little fun, too.

What is the Budding Trends blog?

There may be no area of the law where it is more important to have legal counsel than in the United States cannabis industry. The cannabis industry has developed within the context of conflicting and evolving federal and state laws, and businesses in the cannabis industry must navigate a wide array of legal challenges. These challenges extend to those businesses that provide services or otherwise interact with cannabis companies. All of this means that people dealing with cannabis issues tend to have lots of questions.

We understand that people don’t always want a law review-type article with footnotes and Latin phrases every time they’re looking for information about cannabis law. That is particularly true for most of our readers and clients. We strive to make this a place where you can get straightforward analysis about the important cannabis issues of the day.

But don’t mistake our pop culture references and plain language for a lack of substance. Bradley’s Cannabis Industry team has a deep understanding of the many unique legal and business issues that impact companies – including hemp companies – operating in this sector. We monitor industry trends and legislative developments to provide timely and proactive guidance to clients. Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys also helps businesses successfully identify and mitigate risk and recognize opportunities for sustainable growth. We have substantive experience advising on a wide range of matters, including banking, regulatory compliance, licensing, intellectual property, taxation, corporate transactions and dispute resolution.

Why did we start the blog?

Why not? When we looked around the cannabis blogosphere, we saw a lot of noise but not a lot of sophisticated legal analysis. This is intended to be a rare and different tune – a place where cannabis is discussed with a mix of light-hearted readability and a serious, thoughtful, experienced perspective. We aim for this to be something fun for the contributors and the readers.

What can you expect?

You’re going to hear from us a lot. You’re going to get a lot of puns. Of course, with this being a cannabis blog, you’re going to get lyrics from the Grateful Dead and Phish. But, because we’re a firm based in the Southeast, we’re going to change it up and give you some country music too, perhaps from the late, great Mr. Jerry Reed. And you’re going to get lots of pop culture references (movies, in particular).

You’re also going to get thought leadership. We are committed to being at the forefront of developments in the cannabis industry. And while we want to be plainspoken and accessible, we’ll provide a level of sophistication that is rarely found in the cannabis legal market today.

So, if things go as planned, once in a while we might show you the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.