“Bradley knows that people are our most valuable asset – and it shows. The firm doesn’t just expect you to show up and be another cog in the machine. The firm pushes you to think and act like a partner from day one. I truly believe Bradley wants to see me succeed.”
Ricky A. Hernandez

Bradley visits law schools and job fairs each year to interview students and find qualified candidates for our summer associate program. If Bradley does not visit your school during on-campus interviews, you may submit your résumé using our electronic application process. 

OCI Date School 
7/19/2019 Southeastern Minority Job Fair
7/26/2019 Sunbelt Diversity Job Fair
8/5/2019 Virginia
8/5/2019 Vanderbilt
8/5/2019 Southern Methodist University
8/6/2019 Houston
8/6/2019 Wake Forest
8/7/2019 Texas
8/7/2019 Washington & Lee University
8/7/2019 UNC
8/8/2019 South Texas
8/8/2019 Florida
8/9/2019 Tennessee
8/9/2019 Belmont
8/9/2019 Baylor
8/12/2019 Cumberland
8/13/2019 Alabama
8/13/2019 South Carolina
8/13/2019 Stetson
8/17/2019 Southwest BLSA Job Fair
8/26/2019 Ole Miss
9/9/2019 Mississippi Collge
9/18/2019 Howard

 The University of Kentucky
 The University of Kentucky