Taking Rule 3002.1 Sanctions Down the Gravel Road to Casa Blanco

American Bankruptcy Institute 2021 Consumer Practice Extravaganza



Wednesday, November 10, 2021
1:30 PM-2:30 PM

Rule 3002.1 exists to protect debtors and creditors from unnecessary disputes over the status of current and former chapter 13 debtors’ mortgage loans. A recent Second Circuit opinion (In re Gravel) calls into question the ability of bankruptcy courts to impose monetary sanctions on mortgage-servicers that fail to comply with Rule 3002.1’s requirements. In this session, the panelists will cover both Gravel (and the dissent) and a recent bankruptcy court opinion (In re Blanco) that rejects the reasoning in Gravel. Can the two cases be reconciled? What is the standard that must be established to justify the imposition of sanctions when mortgage-servicers fail to comply with Rule 3002.1’s requirements, and what are the limitations on the amount of sanctions that can be considered appropriate? The panelists will discuss these questions along with additional legal actions and notices that consumer attorneys should take in these cases, as well as using an adversary proceeding in lieu of a motion.