Friends or Faux? Is A New Amicus Disclosure Rule Needed to Help Courts Know Whether Funders are Hiding Behind Filers of “Friend of the Court” Briefs?

Lawyers for Civil Justice Membership Meeting

Thursday, December 02, 2021
2:00 PM-2:45 PM CST

Virgin Hotels Nashville
1 Music Square W
Nashville 37203
United States of America

The Advisory Committee on Appellate Rules is considering whether Rule 29’s amicus disclosure provisions need amending to alert courts when “friend of the court” briefs are funded by entities that hide their identity under current rules. Learn what’s at stake, how a rule amendment could impact amicus brief practices, and whether other disclosure provisions are needed.

Twice yearly, LCJ assembles nationally recognized policy makers and practitioners, including members of Congress, distinguished judges and other opinion leaders, to discuss the latest developments in civil justice reform.  LCJ conducts dynamic interactive sessions where members identify priorities and develop strategies to promote litigation reform.

Other Speakers:

Alex Dahl, LCJ General Counsel
John Beisner, Partner, Skadden LCJ Fellow
Amanda Heitz, Partner, Bowman and Brooke