The stakes at risk in litigation are the primary concern of our clients and our experienced appellate team. Tested and proven in federal and state courts nationwide, Bradley’s roster of appellate attorneys includes four former U.S. Supreme Court clerks and scores of former clerks to judges on federal and state appellate and trial courts. This foundational excellence forms the basis of the persuasive appellate briefs and arguments that our lawyers formulate to protect clients’ trial wins and to challenge decisions adverse to their business interests. Past appellate achievements include significant victories for pharmaceutical and medical-device manufacturers, automakers, financial-services institutions, and many others in high-demand, large-scale, complex actions.

Our appellate attorneys also play critical and strategic roles at the trial level, particularly in mass actions and multidistrict litigation. We collaborate extensively with our veteran litigators to help “appeal-proof” trial proceedings and steer outcomes before the final verdict, adding value to our clients’ commitment and trust in our trial advocacy.

Known for decades as a formidable presence in the country’s most contentious litigation venues, our Appellate Practice Group uses its on-the-ground advantage to work with national clients of all sizes to obtain and preserve favorable courtroom outcomes. We handle appellate issues across virtually every legal discipline and myriad industries, including:

  • General commercial
  • Class action
  • Product liability and mass tort
  • Banking, financial services, and securities
  • Labor and employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Construction
  • Energy and environmental
  • Antitrust and unfair competition
  • Healthcare
  • Bankruptcy
  • Media
  • Tax
  • Administrative law
  • Civil rights
  • White-collar criminal defense
  • Constitutional law
  • Statutory interpretation

Bradley’s reputation for value-driven litigation excellence has long attracted top talent to the firm, which is most noticeable in the composition of our deep bench of attorneys with significant appellate experience. Among Bradley lawyers are:

  • Four former U.S. Supreme Court clerks
  • 48 former U.S. Court of Appeals clerks
  • Seven former state supreme court clerks
  • 37 former U.S. District Court clerks

At the U.S. Supreme Court level, Bradley attorneys have clerked for three different justices – Chief Justice Burger and Justices Powell and Kennedy. Other firm lawyers have served as clerks to distinguished judges on the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits, as well as jurists on the Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee supreme courts. The insights gained by their collective experiences provide our litigation clients with valuable insider perspectives into the workings, preferences, and nuances of the appellate process as it plays out today in courtrooms across the country.