Fraud Prevention: What to Look Out For

Great River MBA Conference



Friday, April 22, 2022
10:30 AM-11:30 AM CST

Utilizing two civil lawsuits that ultimately led to convictions, watch the dissection of a mortgage fraud plot unfold while working through the investigation and ultimate remediation. The first case study focuses on identity theft, money laundering, and real property with a single bad actor; whereas, the second case exposes the facts that ultimately lead to one of the largest bank closures in American history.

What Will We Learn from these 2 Case Studies? 

  1. Fraud from many: Grandmother (Horse Play) and CEO (TBW)
  2. Fraud in many forms: Fraud for individual profit and fraud for business profit 
  3. Fraud with many focuses: Targeted identity theft and institutional/historic fraud 

Fraud During COVID /Recent Trends: 

  • Historic Orig /Refi 
  • Internal controls stressed due to volume 
  • NonQM /Jumbo • Radical appreciation but don’t have the same safeguards as QM 
  • Hot Spots 
  • Traditional with CA/FL but decreased docs on 2nd homes nationwide

The full agenda is available here

Other Speakers:

Luther Wright, Patty Arvielo, Jeff Bloomfield, Robert Broeksmit, Larry Mize, Patsy Parkin, Amy Brand, West Beibers