A Step Ahead of the Risk: Managing Compliance Globally

IADC Annual Meeting 2022



Wednesday, July 13, 2022
8:45 AM-10:15 AM

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin & Berlin Marriott Hotel

A Step Ahead of the Risk: Managing Compliance Globally

Committee Co-Sponsors: Corporate Compliance and Government Enforcement Actions, Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Technology, International

In today’s global economy, interconnected markets and transactions require corporate compliance programs be comprehensive and equally effective on the local, national, and international levels. Recent shifts in workplace habits occasioned by the global pandemic have made compliance even more challenging. Thankfully today’s compliance professionals have the benefit of technology and their own data to leverage in developing state-of-the-art and bespoke global compliance programs. Our panelists from the European Union and the United States have global experience and will share their insight into today’s compliance challenges and techniques on how to meet them. The panelists will address the following hot topics during their presentation: (a) Digitalizing Compliance Services: Opportunities and Pitfalls; (b) Managing Workload in a Rapidly Changing and Ever More Digital World; and (c) Data Analytics in Compliance Management.

Other Speakers

Regina G. Cavaliere, Henry Schein Inc. New York, New York USA
Martin Petrasch, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany
Kristina Von Der Linden, Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany