Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Escrow



Tuesday, January 30, 2024
11:30 AM-12:30 PM CST


Join Bradley attorney Glenn Glover for the first of a new multi-part webinar series on the intersection of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and escrow.

The first installation of this series will cover these topics:

  • The RESPA escrow regulation and its terms and concepts
  • Two basic steps of an escrow analysis
  • The assumption function of many escrow programs
  • Performing trial escrow analyses
  • The duty to run annual escrow analyses during bankruptcy

The remaining webinars in the series installations will cover these additional topics:

  • The circuit level decisions in Campbell and Rodriquez and why they are important today
  • The 2011 changes to Bankruptcy Rule 3001 and addition of Bankruptcy Rule 3002.1
  • The original B10 mortgage attachment form
  • The subsequent 410A mortgage form, how to correctly fill it out, and its inherent issues
  • Potential escrow issues with "cramdown" and "pay in full" Chapter 13 cases
  • Dealing with the "small g" gap period in petition-date escrow analyses
  • Dealing with the "big g" gap period in petition-date escrow analyses
  • Running post-petition escrow analyses in Chapter 13
  • The "pre to pre" and "post to post" issue
  • The proposed amendments to Rule 3002.1(b)
  • Bankruptcy "scrubs" at the end of a Chapter 13 case