Retaliation Rising: How to Protect Your Company

LEAP 2024 (Labor & Employment Advanced Practices Conference)



Thursday, March 21, 2024
1:30 AM-2:30 PM PST

Las Vegas, NV

Far more employment litigation revolves around employee allegations of illegal retaliation than discrimination or harassment. In fact, retaliation is the number one employment claim filed with the EEOC. Many employers don’t understand that an employee can lose a discrimination or harassment claim and still win a big retaliation verdict — in fact, it happens every day. The good news is there are ways to protect your company — and HR plays a major role. Learn how some workers try to set employers up for retaliation claims, the relatively low burden of proof to bring these suits (and the challenges employers face in defending them) and how to guard against rogue managers who can’t resist punishing workers who accuse them of improper conduct.

Other Speakers: 

Mekesha Montgomery

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