Bradley Partner Mike Gordon Quoted in Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence on Risks for U.S. Banks Amid Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus Plans

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Mike Gordon was quoted in Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence on the risks U.S. banks are facing amid the government’s COVID-19 stimulus plans. The money that has been handed out to businesses through the government’s emergency relief programs will soon be subject to congressional oversight committees looking for evidence of fraud and whether the money went to the businesses most in need. Banks will undoubtedly come under scrutiny due to the enormous pressure they’ve faced to get funds out the door.

“Emergency relief programs create a perfect storm of oversight risk, with the need to quickly move large amounts of federal money with vague and evolving guidance,” said Gordon.

The original article, “U.S. Banks Face Oversight Risks From Government COVID-19 Stimulus Plans,” first appeared in Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence on April 22, 2020.