Bradley Partner Jennifer Hoover Clark Quoted in BBJ on How Employers Can Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus-Related Lawsuits

Birmingham Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Jennifer Hoover Clark was quoted in the Birmingham Business Journal on how employers can reduce the risk of coronavirus-related lawsuits. 

“Require workplace compliance with local and state orders requiring face coverings, social distancing and other safety measures; implement a COVID-19 workplace safety plan and communicate the plan to all employees; train employees on safety measures and how to report safety and health concerns internally; obtain employee acknowledgments of training and understanding of safety measures; investigate any reported employee concerns with appropriate documentation of the investigative process and outcome; educate managers, supervisors and human resources professionals on the relevant policies and steps to take if an employee expresses noncompliance concerns,” Clark suggested.

The original article, "How Birmingham Employers Can Reduce Risk of COVID-Related Lawsuits," appeared in the Birmingham Business Journal on July 29, 2020.