Bradley Partner Aron Beezley Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Boeing's Contract Data Rights Dispute with Air Force

Bloomberg Law

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Bradley attorney Aron Beezley was quoted in Bloomberg Law on Boeing's contract data rights win in its dispute with the U.S. Air Force. Boeing objected to the Air Force's decision that noncompliance with the contract data rights rule required Boeing to remove the legend on F-15 aircraft contract documents that warn third parties about unauthorized use at the contractor's expense. The court's interpretation allows Boeing minimum protection for the data.

The Federal Circuit got it right from a textual interpretation and policy standpoint, said Beezley.

"Had the Federal Circuits's decision come out the other way, the decision could have created an unfortunate chilling effect," he said. 

"That is, an opposite decision from the Federal Circuit likely would cause certain technical innovators to think twice about doing business with certain federal customers — and that outcome would ultimately harm the government," Beezley said.

The original article, "Boeing Gets Contract Data Rights Win in Dispute with Air Force." appeared in Bloomberg Law on December 21, 2020.