Bradley Partner Lindsey Boney Quoted in The Washington Post on Push for New Trial in Alabama Death Row Case

The Washington Post

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Bradley attorney Lindsey Boney was quoted in The Washington Post on the push for a new trial in an Alabama death row case. Lawyers, judges and former prosecutors in Alabama this week joined together seeking a new trial for Toforest Johnson, who has spent two decades on death row. Johnson was convicted of killing William Hardy, a deputy sheriff, in a Birmingham, Ala., parking lot in 1995. Johnson has argued in court filings that multiple witnesses saw him “across town at the time of the murder,” but said none of those people were called to testify during his second trial. Boney wrote a brief on behalf of The Innocence Project supporting a new trial for Johnson. 

Boney said he was struck by the range of people who weighed in on Johnson’s case, pointing to their varied backgrounds and roles in the legal system.

“The support for Toforest Johnson has been extraordinary to me,” said Boney.

The filings showed “a heightened sense... that sometimes, the system can and will get it wrong,” he added. “In those instances, all parties within the system ought to take a close look... and be willing to admit that mistakes can sometimes happen.”

The original article, "Former Prosecutors, Judges Join Push for New Trial in Alabama Death Row Case," appeared in The Washington Post on March 10, 2021.