Bradley Partner Lindsey Boney Quoted by WBRC FOX6 on Overwhelming Support for New Trial in Alabama Death Row Case


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Lindsey Boney was quoted by WBRC FOX6 on calls for a Jefferson County court to throw out the conviction of Toforest Johnson, an Alabama man facing the death penalty. Johnson has always maintained that he is innocent of the 1995 murder of William G. Hardy, a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy. Seven “friend of the court” briefs were recently filed in support of Johnson and raised concerns about the credibility of a key witness and conflicting legal theories presented by the prosecution in different court proceedings. Many of the briefs were prepared by former prosecutors, retired judges, religious leaders, defense attorneys and the state’s largest law firms.

“The collection of voices in these amicus briefs calling for a new trial is unlike anything I have ever seen in a case like this,” said Boney. “The depth and breadth of the briefs – in terms of who filed them, the law firms representing those people and organizations, and the arguments they make – reflects the widespread concern, based on a wealth of powerful evidence, that Alabama is poised to execute an innocent man unless the court intervenes.”

The original article, "Former Alabama Attorney General and Chief Justice Support New Trial in Death Row Case," appeared in WBRC FOX6 on March 9, 2021.