Jason Mehta Quoted in Yahoo.com Article on Elizabeth Holmes’ Fraud Trial


Media Mention

Bradley partner Jason Mehta was quoted in a Yahoo.com article discussing the high-profile fraud trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the diagnostics company Theranos.

Holmes launched Theranos in 2003, promising faster and cheaper results than traditional diagnostic labs. Once lauded as a visionary, her company never delivered on its promises. Prosecutors say Holmes knew the machines didn’t work, but lied to investors, doctors, and patients as she raised more than $700 million for Theranos. Holmes could now face up to 20 years in prison for fraud.

"In terms of how much money the government has alleged has been lost, this case is actually not the biggest health care fraud case in the past year. There are many larger health care fraud cases than the Theranos trial," explained Mehta. "But in terms of media attention and scrutiny, it certainly ranks right up there as one of the bigger cases in the past decade."

Jurors for the case will be selected Tuesday, and they will possibly hear from victims of the faulty tests. Mehta said these experiences are a key part of the trial.

"It's what makes these cases real. It's what makes the government's allegation not just about dollars and cents, but about real patient harm,” he said. "For many jurors, the patient testimonial likely will be the most compelling and the most moving testimony."

The original article, “Theranos founder’s fraud trial to begin in US,” appeared on Yahoo.com on August 28, 2021.