Chris Glenos Featured in Mid-South Super Lawyers Magazine

Mid-South Super Lawyers

Media Mention

Bradley partner Chris Glenos was featured in an attorney highlight section in the 2021 issue of Mid-South Super Lawyers Magazine.

The summer before law school, Glenos and a friend were backpacking across Europe when they decided to visit Spain for the Festival of San Fermín and the world-famous running of the bulls.

"It was a bucket-list thing," explained Glenos.

They slept a few hours in a park, hid their backpacks in some bushes, and then assembled "with a thousand other fools" nervously waiting for the spectacle to begin.

"We were told to listen for two cannon shots signaling the release of the bulls into the street." He also remembers the exact moment it got real. He was looking back, watching people flooding toward them, when expressions suddenly changed from lighthearted and excited to wide-eyed and terrified. "And then we saw the bulls charging toward us," he says. "Talk about an ‘oh shit’ moment. We turned and ran like hell. Fortunately, the bulls passed us without incident."

It turned out to be not bad practice for bankruptcy law. "I’m still running as fast as I can while trying not to get gored."

The original article, “Running With the Bulls,” appeared in Mid-South Super Lawyers on December 6, 2021.