Aron Beezley Quoted in Bloomberg Government on GSA Pause on Polaris Contracts

Bloomberg Government

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Bradley partner Aron Beezley was quoted in Bloomberg Government about the General Services Administration’s (GSA) temporary pause on small business and women-owned small business solicitations for government-wide Polaris contracts. Contracts were paused until further notice to address industry concerns over the evaluation of joint venture bids.

GSA ignited an industry firestorm two weeks ago in releasing revised language in the final solicitation documents that removed limitations on the number of past performance examples contributed by a large business partner on Polaris bids. Bloomberg Government estimates the work under Polaris contracts will eventually top $10 billion.

Despite the pause undertaken by GSA, there is precedent on the large-partner role in teaming that could favor GSA’s revised language in the final RFP. Contract attorney Aron Beezley, head of Bradley’s Government Contracts Practice Group, cited InfoPoint LLC’s successful 2021 challenge to the Air Force’s refusal to allow reliance on a bid partner’s facilities clearance as one possible Polaris precedent.

The complete article, “Polaris Pools Paused While GSA Nails Down Teaming Terms,” was published by Bloomberg Government on April 7, 2022.