Lauren Jacques Interviewed by Nashville Post on Returning to the Office and Upcoming Move to ONE 22 ONE Location

Nashville Post

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Lauren Jacques was interviewed by the Nashville Post about large law firms returning to the office post-COVID-19 as she prepares to lead the Nashville office’s move to the new ONE 22 ONE building in the city’s Gulch area.

Jacques explained that “I want our space to be able to create an extended network and an opportunity for community and an environment for higher quality interactions where people are excited to come together and be in community with each other in a working environment to provide the best possible service we can for our clients.”

She commented on lessons the firm learned during the pandemic that will help create a better work environment.

“We learned a lot of lessons. One is the value and importance of being flexible and nimble and also emphasizing consistent communication and transparency across the firm. During the pandemic, one of the great things that came out of it was the acknowledgment for law firms and lawyers that we can be productive and offer the same quality and excellence of client service, not necessarily physically in the office, but at the same time, how important it is to have that in-person interaction and collaboration and touch points with your colleagues and clients,” said Jacques.

Jacques also discussed how the firm prepared to back to the office after COVID, adding, “All firms, especially law firms in our market, are early adopters of return to work. We've learned the value that comes both from in-person work in collaboration and work from home and how we can benefit from both. So, part of our desire to move into our new building is the ability to completely redo and rethink our shared workspace by creating more opportunities for those meaningful and high-impact contact and collaboration points.”

The original article, “Q&A: Bradley’s Nashville leader on returning to the office,” appeared in the Nashville Post on September 16, 2022.