Monica Dozier Quoted in PV Magazine on Drivers of Investment in U.S. Solar Manufacturing

PV Magazine

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Monica Dozier was quoted in PV Magazine on the key drivers of investment in the nation’s solar manufacturing industry.

Dozier, who co-chairs Bradley’s Renewable Energy Practice Group, commented on the effect the recent supply change situation has had on U.S. progress in renewable energy, the impact of President Biden’s recent Inflation Reduction Act, and the ways its resulting incentives will impact progress in the solar industry.

On the key drivers of investment, Dozier said, “Supply chain volatility has particularly impacted U.S. development of renewable energy. In addition to constant technological change, the past several years have shown a variety of approaches to solar PV and battery storage plant component manufacturing – some successful, and others not. In an environment of ever-increasing demand, particularly in the wake of the Inflation Reduction Act, developers, contractors and their financing partners are eager to establish long-term procurement relationships with stable manufacturers. In order to do that, they are looking to diligence (1) technological capabilities, (2) manufacturing bandwidth and supply chain traceability, (3) financial stability, and (4) key warranties and product guarantees.”

The full article, “Investing in uncertain times: Evaluating the Solar Supply chain,” was published in PV Magazine on September 15, 2022.