Anne Yuengert Comments on FLSA and FMLA Coverage for Remote Employees


Media Mention

Anne Yuengert was quoted in an article regarding the Department of Labor’s clarification of the application of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to nonexempt remote workers and the Family and Medical Leave Act’s (FMLA’s) hours-of-service eligibility requirement for teleworkers. An employee that works a 40-hour work week is eligible for 480 hours of FMLA; however, the amount of FMLA varies for employees who frequently work over 40 hours a week.

Yuengert said, “Many employers mistakenly default to 480 hours of FMLA entitlement instead of considering the employees’ actual workweeks.”

The full article, “DOL Explains when FLSA, FMLA Cover Remote Employees,” was published by SHRM on February 14, 2023. (login required)