Christopher Anulewicz Discusses Merit of Lawsuit Against City of Mableton for Violation of "Single-Subject Law"

Fox5 Atlanta

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Bradley attorney Christopher Anulewicz provided his insight to Fox5 Atlanta regarding a suit filed against Cobb County’s newest city, Mableton, on the grounds that the legislation surrounding the foundation of the city is unconstitutional. Georgia’s “single-subject law” has been cited in the suit.

The single-subject rule means when a constitutional ballot is presented, it can only deal with one subject matter.

"When the city of Mableton bill was created, it was presented to voters with two things: One, whether the city of Mableton should be created, and second, whether a Community Improvement District should be created," said Anulewicz, who regularly practices in the area of state constitutional law.

Anulewicz says while to some this may seem like a technicality, the single subject rule is fairly strong under Georgia law, and the suit may have merit.

"It’s not totally frivolous. As a matter of fact, I think it looks pretty strong," explained Anulewicz.

The full story, “Lawsuit: City of Mableton’s incorporation was unconstitutional,” appeared on Fox5 Atlanta on May 17, 2023.