Lauren Jacques Talks Hybrid Work Schedules with Nashville Post

Nashville Post

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Bradley attorney Lauren Jacques, who serves as managing partner of the Nashville office, discussed flexible work programs within the firm in a conversation about office employees’ freedom regarding where they work, whether that is in the office or from their homes.

Jacques said Bradley’s Nashville office has adopted a hybrid work model that allows for remote work and flexible schedules. This model developed within the firm because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This approach has been positively received by employees and has helped the firm retain its talent post-pandemic,” Jacques noted. “Our lawyers have always been treated as autonomous professionals with good judgment about how to best serve our clients’ needs and each other; nothing has changed with that important tenet of our culture post-pandemic.”

Jacques mentioned the Nashville office’s transition to a new mixed-use office building in The Gulch and its flexible environment. She said, “Our new space, for example, will have elements of ‘resimercial’ design (a combination of residential and commercial) that brings some of the comforts of working from home into a functional, collaborative office environment.”

Although Bradley offers a hybrid and remote work option, she noted, “A lot of our employees enjoy working in the office even more now [than prior to the pandemic] because they appreciate in-person interactions with colleagues and value the culture we’ve established as a firm, especially after many of us felt so isolated and disconnected from one another during the pandemic.”

The full article, “Back to Work,” was published by the Nashville Post on April 19, 2023.