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Few in attendance at the eCap Healthcare Summit in February 2020 could have predicted the tribulations that owners and operators in the long term care industry would face during the ensuing 15 months before gathering again in Miami for eCap 2021 this May. Now that vaccines have become widespread and facilities have largely been able to resume more normal operations, a sense of joy and freedom pervaded the conference. Nowhere was that more apparent than at the inaugural Ladies of eCap event which kicked off the conference on Sunday afternoon.  

Co-sponsored by Greystone & Co. and Bradley, the Ladies of eCap brought together female attendees of the conference to discuss ways women can support each other in what can often feel like a male-dominated sector. Lisa Fischman of Greystone started the dialog during the event, and the conversation quickly grew to involve everyone in attendance. Owners, operators, lenders, lawyers and care providers weighed in on what they hoped to gain from attendance at eCap, what challenges they have faced as women in the industry, and how to help each other turn those challenges into opportunities.

Although in many senses the Ladies of eCap are competitors, the sense of comradery among the women was palpable. Many left eCap feeling inspired to find ways to work together on future transactions and help each other expand their networks. The hope of the Long Term Care team at Bradley is to create an ongoing community  ̶  the Ladies of Long Term Care  ̶  to continue this collegiality and provide support with periodic Zoom meetings and in-person gatherings at various industry conferences. During the long months of isolation during the pandemic, many of us were able to stay connected by reaching out to our peers to learn how they were managing through the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19. Now that we are able to resume in-person gatherings, we hope to maximize and continue that connection.

If you are interested in connecting with other women in the industry, whether you are a female owner, operator, provider, lender, lawyer or otherwise, please join us. If you would like to help develop the Ladies of Long Term Care group, please reach out to us. Otherwise, stay tuned and enjoy the freedom of gathering that I doubt any of us will soon take for granted again.