Next Steps for Default Servicing

DS News

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More than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the country, mortgage servicers may finally be in a position to come up for air and reflect on the whirlwind of the recent past. Among other things, the servicing industry has had to navigate the quick enactment of the CARES Act forbearance program, a constant barrage of agency and government-sponsored entity (GSE) guideline announcements and developments, a patchwork of state mandates, last-minute changes to the federal servicing rules in Regulation X, and intense public scrutiny from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). To date, servicers have collectively provided assistance to many millions of mortgage loan borrowers who were impacted by the pandemic. While there is certainly still more work to be done, servicers’ willingness to help consumers and the overall effort put forth by the servicing industry at large has been admirable and commendable.

Republished with permission. The full article, "Next Steps for Default Servicing," was originally published in the October 2022 edition of DS News magazine.