John Mark Goodman

Legal Assistant
Carla Batchelor
P: 205.521.8214
Representative Experience
    • Hernandez v. Hankook Tire America Corp., 2014 WL 3052545 (N.D. Ala.)
      Compelling plaintiffs to answer deposition questions regarding immigration status.

      Gunter v. Cooper Tire, Case No. 12-1358 (Jan. 22, 2014, Ouachita Parish Louisiana District Court)
      Obtain no-pay dismissal of products liability claims against tire manufacturer.

      Fletcher v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2013 WL 3874443 (M.D. Ala.)
      Established diversity jurisdiction based on fraudulent joinder and realignment of resident defendants.

      Pixsys Technologies v. Agemni, 2013 WL 5739027 (N.D. Ala.)
      Granting injunction prohibiting competitor from accessing or stealing client’s software and trade secrets.

      Hines v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2013 WL 5460322
      Order compelling depositions and awarding sanctions against plaintiff.

      Byrd v. Gentiva et al., Case 26-CV-2012 (August 1, 2013 Ala. Cir. Ct. Dale County)
      Obtaining no-pay dismissal of all claims against medical device manufacturer.

      Allen v. Con-Way Truckload, Inc., 2012 WL 3775735 (N.D.Ala.)
      Granting summary judgment on wantonness, wanton entrustment, and negligent or wanton hiring, training, and supervision claims.

      Hines v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2012 WL 4959614 (M.D. La.)
      Successful motion to apply Louisiana law.

      United American Resources v. United Land Corp., 142 So.3d 1287 (Ala. 2012)
      Affirming summary judgment in favor of client on all claims in tortuous interference lawsuit

      Tucker v. Scrushy, 70 So.3d 289 (Ala. 2011)
      Affirming $2.9 billion judgment against client’s former CEO.

      Logan v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2011 WL 2453491 (E.D. Ky.)
      Obtained summary judgment on claim for punitive damages.

      Logan v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2011 WL 3267869 (E.D. Ky.)
      Defeated Daubert motion to exclude lead toxicology expert.

      Ex parte Scott, 2011 WL 925761 (Ala.)
      Reversing trial court’s dismissal of Rule 32 petition in pro bono death penalty case.

      Reyes v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2010 WL 9073201 (E.D. La)
      Favorable ruling on scope of discovery in tire case.

      Reyes v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2010 WL 9073128 (E.D. La)
      Defeated plaintiff’s motion for a “sharing” protective order

      Troutman v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., 2010 WL 10950559 (W.D. Ark.)
      Won motion to transfer venue to Louisiana

      Browning Enterprise v. Rex Iron & Machine Products, 504 F.Supp.2d 1217 (N.D. Ala. 2007)
      Obtained dismissal of all claims against out-of-state manufacturer

      Moore Oil Co. v. D&D Oil Co., 2007 WL 5685049 (N.D. Ala. 2007)
      Successfully removed case to federal court and defeated motion to remand

      Byron Carter v. Andrew Craft, 2007 WL 4964618 (Ala. Cir. Ct. 2007)
      Favorable verdict for owner in construction dispute