Kindall C. James

Legal Assistant
Latisha Horn
P: 713.576.0399

Kindall James is a labor and employment lawyer who helps her clients resolve difficult HR and personnel issues involving discrimination, retaliation and other complex labor and employment issues. She represents clients in a range of industries, including the oil and gas, hospitality, engineering, construction, and other sectors. She counsels employers, business owners and managers, and defends them in a wide variety of employment-related disputes in Texas and Louisiana state and federal courts. This includes defending employers against claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ERISA, and other federal and state laws. Kindall also handles claims involving non-compete agreements, trade secrets, and unfair trade practices and competition, as well as advises clients on matters including employees sending inappropriate emails, text messages, and pictures to one another and more serious issues involving workplace violence and threats.

Kindall has helped her clients secure summary judgments dismissing baseless employment claims in numerous cases. She has also helped them make smart decisions about when to settle a dispute. For example, one of her clients was accused of discrimination based on race. After investigating the claim, Kindall determined that there were potentially damaging facts and was able to assist the client with settling the dispute for a nuisance value before it progressed to litigation.

Kindall also often assists employers with what she likes to call “defensive drafting” of key policies, personnel forms, and disciplinary documents that can help put employers in a better position in the event that they are sued by their employees.

Companies and industry groups often invite Kindall to speak on current labor and employment issues, and she is frequently published on employment law topics.